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Water Testing – The First Step to Better Water

Water Testing

Does your water come with a list of ingredients?

Water gets tested by the pros every day. What about your home? Our professional test gives personal, detailed information of what your water looks like. Let's take a look at your water. 

We use premier testing methods to provide detailed information about your water. Don't wait for a lab - we'll bring the lab to you with a visual, informative picture of your water quality.

We review your water quality right at your kitchen sink. Better information means better decisions about your water.

Why should I have my water tested?

Utah’s water is incredibly hard - some of the hardest in the nation. Have you noticed soap scum, hard water buildup, clogged showerheads, or strange smells or tastes from your water?

These are all signs that there's more than meets the eye running through your pipes. Testing your water gives you valuable information about what’s in it - and you can make an informed choice about how to enjoy the best water possible.

Water is an ever-changing resource, especially if it is coming from a well. Environmental conditions are always changing and will affect what is in your water. That is why it is important to have your water tested at least once per year, to be aware of its current state.

A number of water tests may be performed in your home, however, some others may be sent to our laboratory for analysis. Regardless of what your water needs to be tested for, Water Quest can help. In addition, we can assist in interpreting the results and provide you with proven technology to alleviate any of your concerns.

Benefits of water testing:

  • Our independent laboratory can provide detailed and clear reports on the quality of your water
  • Basic water tests can detect a number of impurities, including:
    • Non-harmful contaminants (such as hardness, iron and manganese)
    • Broad spectrum analysis, identifying various in-organics (such as lead, copper, and arsenic)
    • Coliform and E-coli bacteria
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

After we test your water, we can then can tailor a system that's perfect for your treatment needs. That is how we use better science to make brilliant water. Contact us today to learn more!


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